SEB'12 Invited Sessions

Session CodeTitleCall for PapersChairAffiliationContact Email
IS01Smart Buildings, Smart Grids CFP Dr Catalina SpataruUCL Energy Institute
IS02Assessment and Monitoring The Environmental Performance of Buildings CFP Dr John R LittlewoodCardiff Metropolitan University, Wales, UK
IS03LCA Methodology for Renewable Energy Assessment CFP Dr Rainer ZahLife Cycle Assessment & Modelling Group, Empa, Switzerland
IS04Improving Office Building Energy Performance CFP Emeka Efe OsajiUniversity of Wolverhampton
IS06Multi- Energy Sources CFP Prof. A. Naamane & Prof N.K. MsirdiLaboratoire des Sciences de l’Information et des Systèmes
IS08Technologies and Applications of Solar Energy CFP Dr. Mahieddine Emziane – Associate ProfessorSolar Energy Materials and Devices Laboratory, Masdar Institute
IS09Energy Planning in Buildings and Policy Implications CFP Dr Eva MalevitiUniversity of Central Greece
IS10From industrial pollutions to clean energy CFP Professor Abdeslam-Hassen MENIAILaboratoire de l’Ingénierie des Procédés de l’Environnement, Université Mentouri Constantine Algeria
IS11The Embodied Energy of buildings and building materials: accounting methodologies, weighting and reduction strategies CFP Dr. Dario TrabuccoIUAV University of Venice
IS12Sustainable Energy Systems and Building Services CFP Prof. Ivo MartinacRoyal Institute of Technology, Sweden
 co-chaired by Prof. Aumnad PhdungsilpDhurakij Pundit University, Bangkok, Thailand
IS13Sustainable and healthy buildings CFP Prof Jeong Tai KimKyung Hee University, South Korea
IS14Renovation through quality supply chains and energy performance certification standards CFP Mrs. Marlies Van HolmFlemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO)

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