Publication Files &
Presentation Instructions

Publication Files

When the PDF copy of the paper has been accepted you will receive an email asking for the publication files. At this point the following files are required:-

-- A full set of word-processor files for the camera-ready paper, in MS Word or LaTeX, including all image files necessary to fully reproduce it
-- A PDF copy of the full paper, made from these source files, with all comments and page numbering removed
-- An MS Word copy of the abstract to appear in the conference programme / digest, and
-- A completed copyright form.

Note that in addition to the full paper, an abstract of up to a page, in the form of an MS Word document, summarising the content, main results and conclusions of the paper, must be provided for inclusion in the conference programme document.


The papers will be scheduled for presentation either orally or by poster, depending on their attributes, author preferences and referee recommendations. Please note that poster presentations are regarded as being of equal importance and status to oral presentations.

Oral presentations will be 20 minutes in length, including 5 minutes for discussion. Oral presentations should be accompanied by powerpoint slides.

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